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Character Name: Rogal Corin Urson
Species: Bear
Scientific Name: Ursus Arctos Middendorffi
Standard Name: Kodiak bear
Anthro: Yes
Height: 3m
Weight: 500kg (≈1100lbs)
Fur Color: Dark Brown

Rogal The bear-SFW.jpg

Profile pic created by CadmiumTea and Brush & Tea Studios[edit]

(Below here, is about Rogal in real life, the man behind the bear)

As a member of the Kodiak bear family, Rogal does have a rather large stature at times. Other times, can be somewhat shy and insecure. He has a wide variety of pursuits, including culinary, literary, visually, and audibly. Is comfortable in both a suit and tie, to polo and khakis, and even nude. When safely in his den, he is frequently on some electronic device, whether it be phone, tablet, or even portable gaming console.

When it comes to his culinary pursuits, he is adept at a wide range of styles, techniques, and even cooking methods. His favorites are usually grilling, roasting, and slow cooker. As far as cuisine goes, he prefers classic comfort food, like mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, burgers, but also likes more non-traditional fare like Pan-Asian, Indian, and of course Italian. Sadly, being allergic to shellfish limits his overseas culinary choices, but has skill in working with various fish, including salmon, tuna, and even tilapia. Frequently known to drink socially, but knows his limits, when it comes to hard alcohol like scotch, whiskey, vodka, and rum. Will usually drink whine and knows a few winemakers from his previous residency in Virginia. Of course, with his knowledge of culinary things, his social personality comes out when he entertains for friends and family. A nice evening will usually involve a bottle or two of wine, good food, and a mug or two of tea. Prefers if a guest brings dessert, as his skill with that aspect of the meal is a little rusty.

When not looking for work, doing schoolwork for academic pursuits, he can sometimes be found in the living room watching something on the various streaming services. With subscriptions to Crackle, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix, he has a wide range of tastes for television and movies. From TV shows like Law & Order, CSI, and Bones, to cooking and baking shows like Top Chef, a myriad of things on the Food Network, to movies from a wide set of genres, like action to even horror.

Literary pursuits including both reading and writing fiction and non-fiction. With accounts on both FurAffinity, and SoFurry, the majority of his work can be found on SoFurry. A recent series, inspired by a leonine friend of his, Life Changing Opportunity is undergoing a rewrite to fix some major issues, and to tell the story of how a shy bear down on his luck wound up meeting the richest lion in the city and ultimately falling for him. We have romance, jealousy, murder, highs and lows.

In addition to all that above, he still makes time to write and produce an online radio show called DJ Ursa's Musical Cuisenart. Showcasing a wide range of musical genres, including rock, rap/hip hop, classical, to world and dance music, Rogal not only plays but tells you things about the artists to help you form an emotional connection. Believing that music is the most powerful form of communication we have, music is all about sharing and forming that bond and feeling something.

Fur Friends In addition to his mate, Drakkon, he has a pet, named Gruv'a'li LeSamir, a dragon-owl who resides in Ohio, and Kendo Kawabata, a lion who currently resides in Queensland. Kendo has been the inspiration for a lot of Rogal's literary works and is considered family. A rather social person, Rogal belongs to the Upstate Ny Furries group on Facebook and has attended both Genericon at RPI and a picnic in one of the local parks in Troy,NY where he and his mate reside.

Prior to moving to New York, Rogal could be found in the large crowd that is Magfest in PG County, Maryland. Having gone two years in a row, Rogal found the concept of the convention very appealing, but due to anxiety, was not able to enjoy it as much as he should have. Having met many wonderful furs through those two years, he tries to stay in contact with them as best he can.

Current Projects

  • Gain full-time employment
  • Finish rewrite of "Life Changing Opportunity"