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Jump to: navigation, search Rocket T. Coyote began life as the cartoon mascot for the 2007 Great Lakes Region CAP Model Rocketry Encampment and his likeness has graced the course materials since. Later a monthly comic strip features him telling the story of the Space Race (which may be viewed on his Artspots account). In July 2008, Rocket T. made his first appearance at the week-long encampment as a fursuit mascot, returning salutes and getting into morning formation at reville, boosting morale in the process. RT Coyote not only loves model rocketry, he also enjoys marching in parades. To date, he has appeared in at least three mid- Michigan parades delighting children of all ages. His exploits during the 2009 Bay City (MI)St. Patrick's Day Parade with his "sham-rocket" devoured much airtime for the WJRT (ABC-Flint, MI) report of the event. He appeared at FCN 2009 in the Fursuit Games. One day Rocket hopes to someday attain honorary rank in the Civil Air Patrol for his exploits. (Captain Coyote has a nice ring to it as does Colonel Coyote, by the way.)

 RTC usually wears a uniform similar to the alternate uniform worn by CAP members. He is seldom without a model rocket or his trusty clipboard. His vocalizations are similar to those of Wile E. Coyote when engaged in dealing with a certain Oscar-winning rabbit.