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RJ Fox (born Ryan James Fox Michaelis on March 27, 1980, in California, U.S.A.) is a gay male furry whose fursona is a fox. For A reel life photo of RJ Fox in and out of suit click here

RJ is a fursuiter and went to his first furmeet in 1995. And went to his First big con in 1998. RJ likes to fix and restore antiques, and plays music on the piano. He is also into old-time radio. RJ plays Second Life, where he is known as RJFox Benford.

RJ Fox suffers from a brain tumor and has had chemotherapy three times in his life. Due to health issues, RJ has not attended a lot of conventions, though has been to eight as of February, 2010. He was a staff member for the Wild Nights convention. And has moved back to California RJ Fox is a nice guy and furry to be around one's you get to know him. Now win one first meets him RJ can seam a bit odd. But keep in mind that he has a Brian tumor and ether health "such as" Bipolar disorder depression excitability (mania) and alternating "mood swings". And ether health as anxiety and panic disorders and Seizures. Some people see this and try to stay away from RJ Fox but he try's his best and one's you get to know him you will see that you have a good friend to the end. RJ Fox love's to help out as well giving people a hand and with all the hard time's he has he still go's out everyday and try's and dose not give up