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R.I.P.P. Rukus, or just "Ripp", for short, is a veteran "LOLfurry", a title used to describe members of the message boards at Because of his incredibly cynical views of the furry fandom, and its many members, he has earned the notoriety of being a cold-hearted, heavy-handed douchebag to most people in the fandom.

Aside from the LOL Furries boards, his typical online hangouts include YiffStar's "YiffChat", where he can often be found harrassing the chat's various members and/or moderators, and 's Random thread, also known as "/b/". There, he actively participates in the thread's many anti-furry topics, as /b/ is infamous for their anti-furry views. Ripp has participated in various /b/ forum raids on different furry-oriented sites, including YiffStar and WikiFur itself, spamming their boards and killing the sites' bandwidth limits.

Often calling himself a "self-hating fur", Ripp has made several comments on his actions against the furry fandom.

"I'm a furry in the sense that (A) I enjoy the anthropomorhic style of art. And (B) I generally find the concept of representing one's self with an anthropomorphic character somewhat amusing. This does NOT mean that I enjoy dressing up like my character and parading myself around in public, making a fool of myself and a mockery of the entire fandom. I also don't enjoy the concept of having sex with animals. That shit's just plain gross."

When asked about the things he hated the most about the furry fandom, Ripp had this to say.

"Babyfurs. Definately babyfurs. Anyone who thinks that dressing up not only in a fursuit, but throwing on some adult diapers and infant accessories is sexy, think again. And having sex in that state? And fucking PISSING and SHITTING yourself? What the FUCK, man?! How can ANYONE possibly find this sexy? I mean, the Feds catch pedophiles everyday, and yet they IGNORE these people. HOW?!"

All in all, R.I.P.P. Rukus IS just a gigantic bag of douche, according to most furs that have met him. But he is part of a rapidly-growing faction of the furry fandom that share his beliefs.