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Hello, I'm Riokeshen. This is my WikiFur Page I'm going to put as much as I can about my character Rio shes my anthro and my alter ego, she takes on my alternate personality...or should I say my wanna be personality. Heres her character Profile sheet. The Basics

(Name: Rio (Nickname(s): none (Gender: Female (Age: 14 (Species: Winged Wolf (Type: Anthro (Other: Winged Wolf Normal (Elemental Power(s): Ice and Water


(Current Pack: Elemental (Current Rank: (check your profile to see your rank) * Midranked* owo (Former Pack: Azuruthia


(Fur Color: white (Eye Color: Yellow (Height: 3'4 (Weight: 145 lbs Personality

[Rio can be vary stubburn and kinda lose her temperand she has a problem trusting other. Other wise she a really friendly wolf and great to be around. she will protect who she must and respect who she has to. her alter personality loses control rarely but when she does lose it she will kill any thing in her path regardless if it's family,friends or even her own pack. ]

(Loves/Likes: Swimming,the out doors and sleep (Hates/Dislikes: Other wolves,or formal pack and rain (Fears: the dark and small places


[Banished from her formal Pack. because she has wings from a special necklace passed down from her family every 10 genrations, after she was banished she met a few people she trusted. but when she was little she dreamed of meeting her parents...but the elders told her about how her parents died in a war between humans and wolf. she the sought out humans killing as many as possible having no change of heart til she met her now new pack of the wolves that use Elemental powers. she was raped by a wolf in her formal pack. ]


(Mate: none (Children: Max,Truman and Highty (Mother: Zethra (Father: Itramos (Brothers: none (Sisters: Gestria