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RicoMcGordon2011 was originally called badbear23,(born June 3rd 1991)Raised in Harrison,VA & resently moved to Shelby, NC to live a quiet life. born with a few disabilities such as Hearing Impairment, cerebral palsy(left hand). He is offen picked on for the last 19 years but used to it. he's also a fair skilled artist who spends alot of time drawing or video gaming. his favorite games are listed: Need For Speed(Underground 2, Carbon & Most Wanted), 007:Everything or Nothing. he also likes computers & plans to be a graphic designer, if that fails he carrys a backup plan: to be a chef.

He has 2 fursonas, Alex Gordon(Otter,but now is a Grizzly Bear) & Rico McGordon(kangaroo,Don't use him anymore)they are both muscular & very nice.

He's Currently Single & still looking for someone who cares about one another & express feelings. someone who shares secrets & is not afraid to step out the shadows.

He also has NEVER been to a con in his life, but he's willing to go to one.