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Hello Folks! I'm Ricky Massé... well real name is Jesse Waite but Ricky is so much cooler!! Anyways I'm 16, male... as you can tell. I'm friendly and I love hugs from both girls and boys but I'm straight!! Still though I don't really give a crap if your gay or bi or what ever, I still would love to be friends and I wont freak out if you flirt... I'll never get in a relationship with another guy but still I wont get freaked out! My intrests are drawing, writing, reading, roleplay {Any roleplay forums here }, I love countries such as Russia, France and Australia... so if I ever gave out a real picture I'll most likely be holding something from another country. I also love music, I can't draw without meh music or write!

I'm the first canine here too... I think!

I respect everyone and I'm emationly mutare. I don't get into fights and I wont argure with you. It's just a waste of time and topic space. I closly follow the rules and I'll do my best not to break them so don't try to make me. I'm very easy to get along with and I'm not going to judge you... hell I'm nice even to the people I hate. Oh and I may cuss a few times but I never do it to excess.

Oh this ish me!!