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Ok... where to start... am I, am I on? *Pokes the screen* Am I on the air... will people see this? *pokes the screen once more* Ok then! ___________________________________________________________

Hello, my name is RevWolf. Because wolves are my source and Rev. just sound raving in general. I am Female, age 19. I am a current user on the online forum fUrToPiA.


I am currently woking on a project, and for a start I have chosen to come here and meet all kinds of new users of Wiki. Once or so I will update my page but for now I'll keep it closed. :P


I know what the top says, and yes that's what my name is. Rev is also the term that a couple of my friends in RL use. One of them being a raver himself. *giggles* He twirls FYRA! (fire)

I am an on-practicing artist, I like TeChNo and plan on buying at least 100$ worth of it when I move in two months. That's because were I am stationed for work is litterally like bEing in the abyss. I work at the Grand Canyon Lodge on the North Rim, Arizona and will be moving to the South Rim in October.

N E way -- I like writing, swimming, a good ride via Horse back or Mule. Hiking (I am sore from yesterday cause I was being stupid and went almost all the way down into the canyon) Its a bitch going back up! ___________________________________________________ More to come?

Quite frankly YES. I will try to provide a good sorce of work, and hope to add onto Wiki as well. ^_^