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Relic B. Furry - or simply "Relic" even my normie name Andy if you must. Human by birth, Furry by nature. Timber Wolf fursuiter, Grey Muzzle, MilFur, STR8, Male, Electrician by trade, School Bus driver, Relic hangs out on his FB page, Twitter and Untappd or I plan events for my local Furry Group, and currently serving as President of North Country Anthropomorphics which is organizing to become a Non-Profit aimed at producing Furry Community events in the Northern / Central area of New York State, Data Cruncher for CanFURence "Canada's Capital Furry Convention"--Relic (talk) 08:46, 21 August 2020 (EDT) Openly furry to a fault, a firm believer that if you choose to hide something you enjoy you are projecting to others that what you enjoy is wrong.