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Furry living in Northern Minnesota. She has been in the fandom since 2000.

ReddyWolf [Her Fursona, "Kaya"] Is a fluffy, red/brown wolfmutt, came to be through early computer doodles and oddly enough, school. In the first few years of middle school, Red began scribbling animals, for the most part anthro ones. She soon discovered that other people actually did this too, and specificly had animal characters [fursonas] that represented themselves in animal form. Starting out, simply a red wolf with a blonde hair tuff and flame markings up all her paws, she also had brown eyes. But as her artistic skills and even her fursona, who was later named "Kaya", her design quickly changed from what of a sparkledog [wolf] to a simple design.

Which can be seen below. Now with a 'fluffeh' coat, a slightly curled tail [partly gotten from the dog and other canines she's mixed with] purple nose and inner ears and bright blue eyes.