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Red-Dragon-Goodness or RDG for short, is a otter who lives in Canada. He enjoys his time drawing, doing linear art, making things on photoshop and other stuff. He enjoys to dance hip-hop all around the room to song like, Get Up - Ciara, Buttons - Pussy Cat Dolls, Gimme That - Chris Brown and many others. RDG lives for the arts, singing, dancing, sculpting, drawing, you name it, hell try it. He spends most of his time on Second Life or SL for short and Furry Affinity or FA for short. He hasn't had any major trgedys in his life accept for a few summers ago, he just met three of his cousins for the first time in his life and the next day the where killed. He also had a Great-Grandmother who just died reccently aswell. Like to spend a lot of his time helping badboybunny with his past and other friends with thier problems and troubles. Games are another this he likes.