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Rayne Blue (also known by Rayne Wolf or Rayne) is a Black and White wolf with distinctive two Blue stripe markings on the nose/muzzle and three Blue stripe markings on either side of the head and Blue spots on the underside of the body and tail.

A fun loving Fur who loves meeting new people (Fur or non-Fur), and enjoys having a laugh and drinking at the furmeets.
Even with his fun-loving and drinking, Rayne is always a respectful and loyal person to his close friends and will help them and look out for them as much as they will for him and more.

Personal Life[edit]

Rayne is an amateur Cover Singer in both Karaokes and was recently recorded in a professional recording studio.

He is also a Panto and stage actor since a young age.
Hes worked with Abled and Dis-abled young people around all of Wales and won an award for "Inspirational Young Person" from Red Dragon FM in 2007 for inspiring them.


Rayne began attending Cardiff furmeets since September/October 2012.