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WikiProjects, as developed on Wikipedia and its sister projects, are in-wiki projects of users that are focused upon specific types of articles that need better, more continual maintenance and relevance.

So far, only one WikiProject has been started in WikiFur's history, that being the one that was started for Second Life. However, the Second Life WikiProject was started (and folded) in 2006, long before the English WikiFur reached over 10,000 articles (which occurred in the fall of 2008).

This proposal on WikiProjects is meant to be a rough and developing suggestion on how such projects can facilitate the creation and updating of as many articles and wiki components as are submitted to WikiFur by the day.

Placing articles under watch[edit]

In order to be effective, WikiProjects must be able to identify articles which would need maintenance in order to be kept relevant to the passing user. A Wikipedia-standardized technique for identifying articles that need maintenance by a certain WikiProject is the placing of a WikiProject template (one that includes a WikiProject category in tow) on the talk page of an article.

Other responsibilities[edit]

The WikiProject will be responsible for making assessments of the quality and importance of an article that falls under its jurisdiction.


Organization and layout-focused[edit]

  • WikiProject Biography
  • WikiProject Stubs
  • WikiProject Portals
  • WikiProject Navboxes
  • WikiProject Infoboxes
  • WikiProject Categories


  • WikiProject Comics
  • WikiProject Novels
  • WikiProject Conventions
  • WikiProject Games
    • WikiProject Multiplayer worlds
      • WikiProject Second Life
      • WikiProject Furcadia
    • WikiProject Video games
  • WikiProject Internet
    • WikiProject Websites
      • WikiProject Imageboards
      • WikiProject Livejournal communities
      • WikiProject Art archives
      • WikiProject Story archives
      • WikiProject Forums
    • WikiProject Podcasts
    • WikiProject Mailing lists
    • WikiProject Chat networks and rooms
  • WikiProject Animation
  • WikiProject Music