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This is a compendium of proposed standards for WikiFur portals. Nominally, they should incorporate much of what's already on the front page.

This probably won't include a News section since region-specific WikiFur news is not that oft-updated.

Georegional portals[edit]

Covering Category:Geography

  • Community/Commmunities - a box that lists articles on organized furry communities that are located within the area
  • People - a box that lists articles on specific people who reside in the region
  • Upcoming events - a box that lists articles on upcoming events being held by groups in the area (events, conventions, parties, etc.)
  • Did you know?/History - a box that will include anecdotes on past events, persons, or fictional references.

Also should include flags of the corresponding regions.

Fictional/virtual georegional portals[edit]

Covering Category:Multiplayer worlds
Same as actual georegional portal components.

  • Islands and other places - a box that presents pictures and wikilinks to articles about in-world places and buildings.

Event-specific portals[edit]

Covering Category:Events.

  • Event highlights.
  • upcoming events.
  • Event organizers and non-profits.

Cultural/artistic portals[edit]

Covering Category:Culture.

More to add...

Needed portal components throughout[edit]

Navigational footer templates are needed on all portals so as to interconnect all relevant articles.