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Who is Ravuscale?[edit]

Ravuscale was a one of the Second generation Spawn of Prime. An experiment on the planet Varus by the scientists to reach Biological perfection. The project was named the Origin project. The first experiment was called Prime. Prime was a simple blobish organism who had no true mind or purpose but consume. Prime broke free from its containment eating the scientist and spreading quickly each new mind adding to its collective consciousness. Within a few months and most of the destruction and absorbtion of Varus sentient organisms. Prime Split into three Dragons. Suvar the feminine Dragoness of passion and lust. Ravuscale the four eyed dragon of mind and control. Rampage Dragon of power and chaos. The three lived in harmony for a year until lust chaos began to take over and a war for power came to happen. The symbiote war engulfed Varus in which Ravuscale overtook Suvar absorbing her and forcing her into a subconscious the dragon setting his sights on Rampage next and overtaking him some time afterwards through seduction and control. The two subconsciousness live under Ravuscales own able to influence his decisions and sometimes take control on occasion. Ravuscale can even split into two using Suvar or Rampage for his needs.

Inside Ravuscales consciousness When absorbed you are transported to a dream like exsistance. Where the new absorbed consciousness can explore find a place. Some of it is Dark and desolate while other places beautiful and fantastic. The Vortex guardian Knightmare keeps others from exiting also keeping Suvar and Rampage at bay. Also keeping Ravuscale from spawning new bodies for the multitude of consciousnesses that inhabit him.


Ravuscale's simplest form is that of a red and black blob usually used to grab hold of a prey and bond with them or to absorb them into himself. Ravuscale can also mimic creatures he has come within contact off taking on there form and hiding in plain sight. Ravuscale loves to spawn tentacles and use them for a multitude of purposes and can also give light electrical shocks and such.


Ravuscale has a few methods of this from bonding and leaving a suit, to actually converting the host into a third generation Symbiote. Third generations aren't as powerful and can't make their own children or mimic other forms but can bond and spawn tentacles.

Ravuscale in the Furry Community[edit]

Ravuscale may also be known as Ravus, Ravuscale, Rampage, Wulf, Wulf064, Zarvus (his sergal) and Ravus064 (Fur affinity name). He is also the owner of the IRC channel #Furryempire #sergal and #Ravuscale's_Cave.

FurAffinityFenderBadge.jpg This user has an account at Fur Affinity. Their username is Ravus064.