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Raven Foxx is a young American furry who loves drawing and making music for the community. She is relatively new to the fandom.

Conventions Attended[edit]

Raven has attended BronyCon 2016, and will be present at Random Fandom Con.

Meetups Attended[edit]


Pages Created[edit]

Raven Foxx

Compass Rose

Animal Planet

Venus the Furry

The Gaming Furry

Dragons owned on Dragon Cave[edit]

  • 1 Hellfire Wyvern
  • 1 Nocturne
  • 1 Magelight Pygmy
  • 1 Turpentine Dragon
  • 1 Deep Sea Dragon
  • 1 White Dragon
  • 2 Water Dragons
  • 1 Red-finned Tidal Dragon
  • 1 Misfit Pygmy