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hows everyone today. just hopping i can meet alolt of new furs at my first con comming up next weekind. im bi still. cause im still looking for a capatible mate. Im always in second life everynight. I go bye ratty93 sonic. so if anyone is intrested. dont be scared to look at my sl profile. dont care much for rp in sl. but if you rather have a mate who rp in sl. then i guess you wasnt the one im looking for. But ill still give it a try. just dont see any sence in rp. So if anyones intrested im on sl everynight or you can get ahold of me on my yahoo im. Hows everyone doing tonight. Me im doingh oprettygood. getting ready to shove. illl be heading to RCFM. anyone want to me there. Look for ratty913/firefang. see you all soon i hope. Helo everryoneand hows your day. Mines doing prettygood in the furry hood. I kepp doing edits to on here to keep myself up to date. like my own wikifur blog.Still single and hanging out with other furry friends. We are planning on hitting oklacon this year. And ill have my parsile suit there. Thank god.Im gettingout there to meet other for as chage. Hope to meet alot of intresting furs in the cons when i attend them. Just look me up. Ill be ratty913 at the cons /firefang. So eveeryone have a great time in the sight And ill try yo keep up dated much as i can. Cheers to all. And nuzzle nuzzle

Hoooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwlllllllllllllllsssssssssss to all.