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This is intended for a post to the WikiFur LiveJournal, but may be used for other uses. I explicitly release this page for any use, derivative works, or commercial use, with or without attribution, in order to allow maximum redistribution.

I'm writing this post because I know a lot of furry art is created just for practice, or to show the artist's skill as a way of promoting themselves. I wonder if artists would be willing to contribute their images; a single image can be used for an article on the artist, the species depicted, the activity depicted, general articles like furry art, or for decoration.

When you upload your own work, I recommend choosing a license that allows it to be used outside WikiFur. This may include any successors, sister projects, or for other places like Wikipedia to inform those outside the fandom. Our image-upload dropdown box currently recommends multilicensing with GFDL and CC-BY-SA-3.0 -- feel free to stop by the IRC channel or forum and ask if you want to understand more. I also have a personally-run bounty for uploading your own images to illustrate articles that need images. The licenses we use can't be revoked, so if the image is something where you would find it unacceptable if it was used for purposes outside your original intent, you shouldn't license them for free reuse.

WikiFur is admittedly not a repository of images, but as long as each image has a use, there's no limit to the number of them that can be from a single author. Also, we're likely to accept a greater number of freely-licensed images than fair use images for a single article. The <gallery> tag can be used to hold a number of images on a single page. If the number of images still exceeds what is reasonable to keep on WikiFur, the excess can be kept on WikiMedia Commons, which is a general repository of freely-licensed images.