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This is a draft in progress. This is outdated now, and for historical reference. Hello,

As you probably know, any text you write is licensed under the GFDL when you submit it to WikiFur. For various reasons, for instance that it requires the full text of the GFDL license to be included along with any distribution, the GFDL is not the best for short works.

It is possible to distribute your own work under another license alongside the GFDL. For instance, on my user page, I have a statement to allow my work to be used under several other licenses.

Of those licenses Creative Commons-Attribution-ShareAlike would allow the work to be reused the most easily. You may even choose to grant even more freedom and release your contributions under the Creative Commons-Attribution or Public Domain licenses.

You don't have to do any of this though, and you should only do it if you understand it and agree to it. If you do agree just put a statement saying so on your user page. Wikipedia has some further information and examples.