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I shared the ride to SeaRac for Rainfurrest by going with Orwin. It was a hot day, and the wait at the border was about an hour.

The con book I got when I registered for Rainfurrest
When I got there, it was about 6pm. I met up with my roommate cyRex Wolf, and registered for the convention.
Spark, a fursuiter, on Friday
The first panel I went to was "So You're New to Furry Fandom". I met up with Trapa, and went for dinner with him, Aloha Wolf, Skiltek, and ...(I'm not so good remembering non-furry names)... Skiltek was called away to run his dance before he finished dinner.
Filbert at the dance
After dinner, I attended the dance at different times, both in fursuit and out of fursuit.

On Saturday, I got up early (for me anyway) and made it to both the "Is Furry a Teen Fad?" and "Why do Furries get a Bad Name?" panels. I met up with Emboof, who I had known from earlier. I had sushi for lunch after that.

After dinner, I went for the Masquerade Rehearsal. A bit of background information first: On the way to Furthest North, North got me interested in memorizing the Yakko's World song. After I got back from Furthest North, I continued learning it, and when I finished memorizing, I expanded it to pointing at the countries at the same time. I made a video, but figured it would be even more awesome if I could do it live. So I planned to make an open-faced Yakko fursuit, finish it off with facepaint, and then do the song as a masquerade skit. I finished the top half of the suit the day before I left for Rainfurrest.

I took a break from the rehearsal to do my WikiFur panel. GreenReaper had provided an outline, and between that and audience conversation, took up the whole hour. I had printed out some WikiFur articles and policies, and gave out some of those too.

Back to the Masquerade Rehearsal, it looked like everything was ready for my act, so I got ready for the next event, the fursuit parade. I wore my rat fursuit, and got there just in time. According to reports, there were 41 fursuits.

After that, I took in Alexander James Adams in concert for a bit. After that, I started making making purchases and getting commissions at the Dealer's Den. I also bid on two pieces in the Art Auction. At the Art Jam I sketched a picture of a rat and stuck it in some random person's sketchbook.
Saturday night dance
For dinner, I went to Rainforest Cafe (no relation to Rainfurrest). I got back, waited for the Pet Auction to finish (the Pet Auction and Masquerade had been combined because of initial lack of interest in the Pet Auction). The masquerade was actually in the middle of the auction. There were only three acts in the Masquerade and I was in the middle. My act went well; I was nervous, but I also knew I was perfectly prepared and knew exactly what to do. Also, Alexander, the MC for the masquerade, went to extra effort in introduce all the acts. He was probably one of the best GOHs at a fur con, second to only Rob Paulsen. In the judging of the acts, I got second place to a pirate skit. After the curtain call, I washed up, and went to the dance a few times that night, both in fursuit and out of suit.
Rennie, Orwin, and Nitro at the panel "Fursuiting Beyond the Convention"
On Sunday, I went to a panel called "Fursuiting Beyond the Convention", about using your fursuit to help out at events. After that, I went to the Art Auction; there was a piece of rat art that I wanted but I let another rat furry have it.
Closing Ceremonies
After that, I relaxed and watched random fursuiters, then went to the closing ceremonies. There was much fooling around with fursuit "enforcers". After it was all over, I went to the pool, and went home with Aphinity, Selkit, and Chaos later that night.