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Ramonmaster As seen in TC#004

Ramon Arkham Phillips, A.K.A Minna Arkham, is a furry artist from Brazil.[1]


Ramon Phillips[edit]

Ramonmaster's fursona is a wolf named Ramonmaster The Wolf created in 2005. Designed as human until 2007, it was redesigned as an half-wolf[clarify] in 2008.

The character came about during the failed creation of a story based around a single character.[clarify] Along with Ramonmaster The Wolf's concept, this lead to the idea for the project The Chaos comic.

Minna Arkham[edit]

Minna Arkham is Ramon Phillips' Secondary self's Fursona. An Ice Dragon named Minna Arkham created in 2008. Originally was only the main antagonist in TEC. But due his Double Identity Disorder, he started to use her as his secondary self's fursona.


The End Crystals[edit]


The Chaos[edit]

The Chaos is the first chapter of The End Crystals (1/4). Is a war between good and evil, and there's only one man, who can Stop it. Ramon Phillips, The Man who Killed Earth is taken to the future to stop that chaos by collecting 24 Crystals that can give anyone Unlimited power.

Youtube Gaming Channel[edit]

Ramonmaster Channel Art.PNG

On his free time, Ramon works on a Gaming Youtube Channel. Playing mostly classic games.


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