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Raimundo (also known as Wiccan_Dragon, back in his YiffChat days; born December 4, 1991) is a blue Siberian Husky.



Raimundo is a 19 year old, 6'1", 195 lbs husky. Upon first sight, one would notice his bright, sapphire blue eyes, especially within two black pools of eyeshadow. His fur is duo-colored, gray fur dyed blue over his back and the top of his head and white, marking the front of his body. Upon the husky's breath is the scent of citrus; oranges. Because of taking such good care of his pearly white canines, his tongue (and the rest of his mouth) is pleasant to the scent and taste.


Wrapped tightly around his arms are a pair of purple and black striped, silk armbands, both bands showing off the muscles in the arms. Though barechested, the husky does possess a pair of tight black jeans, fitted perfectly around his hips. The husky also has a small, gold, hooped earring on his right ear.

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