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I have been a furry fanatic since I was a child. I enjoyed anthropomorphic animal characters in realistic and anime style. I am not a 'true furry.' I don't like wearing fursuits, but they do look cute or cool. But, it is not really my style. I usually like to make stories about anthromorphic animals in realistic and deep storytelling. Like they are like a fantasy race or sci-fi race. Rather than a animal acting a bit too much a like a modern human we see right now in our own eyes. I will improve Fur Wiki and add new articles. Also making most of the notable in some of the articles some sense. I will contribute more.

My creation of a malevolent race. A fantasy story that I made from my creative imagination, Earulan. Not always malevolent, sometimes neutral or even good.


A race of angelic werefox shapeshifters, they are bred from fallen angels with female werefoxes, which make them half-angel half-werefox. Just like the Christian legend of the Nephilim. Raigouras are complicated creatures, because of their charismatic and sly nature, they usually hide in public when they are awakened, disguising themselves as humans or fox khyrains, personality, sadistic, negative, need blood shed, and tearing apart living things and enjoying it. Raigoura sometimes enjoy a good fighting or killing, they are monsters. Because of there fallen angel fathers. Also, there was a mishap in the breeding of the Raigoura, a Vampire DNA was implanted, which make them more Vampire-like, they need blood as they need food and fruits and vegetables as their everyday meals. Most of them are female, since males are pretty rare. Raigoura are more of a female-oriented race. But they are some males. Humans call them false-angel fox demons. Because of their dark behavior, charismatic, false-light, vampiric, beauty, deadly, evil, and tricksters. Raigouras are always unusually attractive/beautiful.

Raigouras are often born in anthromorphic fox form, rather than human. It is rare for a Raigoura to born in human form. Raigouras are born as a regular werefox when they are in a young age, until the 'Awakening' makes them a true Raigoura. They are indeed no connection to the moon or any lycanthropy themes. They cannot infect a human that can change them into a Raigoura, which in impossible. Raigouras have nicknames made by humans and other fantasy races. For example: Fox angel, false angel, Demon of Darkness, Raigas, Monsters, false light angels, angel of death, angel of darkness, and bloody vixen. Raigouras have a connection to the Goddesses or Gods. Most likely the Queen Mother, the goddess of all Raigouras, A legend says that the Queen Mother is malevolent, evil. She can control any Raigoura, young to old. Making them berserk killing every livng thing on sight or mind control them that best makes the Queen Mother glad.

Raigouras are not mindless beasts; they are very human-like, even though they are hybrid of fallen angels and werefoxes. Raigouras are always different in nature, traits, genes, personality, and emotion. Raigouras are elegant and delicate; the false angels are interested in holy magic and black magic, wealthy, and dominance to other 'lesser races’, which make some of them 'racists' or 'speciest.' Raigouras, of course have different personalities, like all of the races in the Earulan World. The fox angels love wealth, rich life, and communities. They all look to be cool and dress really nice, when they were born from a wealthy family. Raigouras can be very popular in school, society, political, and college. Raigouras make good thieves, political members, warriors, paladins, knights, and vampires. Since there is no connection to the two Moons on the planet Earulan, Raigouras can change into their human form or werefox form at any time. They can change forms at their own will! Raigouras are very god-like; they can be very, very powerful. Their angel magic power is unstoppable sometimes. They can lift a heavy four-ton rock or vehicle and break a wall with on slap or punch. They can take serious damage from magic or weapons, thanks to their rapid regeneration. Raigouras don't die easily or even age! They are immortal, but they can die. Raigouras have unknown weaknesses. When a Raigoura uses too much energy from angelic powers, he or she will revert back to human form.

Raigouras have a special problem. (Read above), called the Awakening! All Raigouras are born as a regular werefox, until they reach the age of 19 to 28. They have "awakening symptoms" the symptoms are very dangerous, when they reach their young adult years. The symptoms are: Headaches, Migraines, bleeding, PMS (for females only), randomly shapeshifting into their two forms or in between the two human and anthromorphic fox form, increased aggression, random berserk, drowsy, backaches, painful muscle cramps, sexual behaviors, orgasm, fever, colds, sneezing, hallucinations, nightmares, telepathic message from the Queen Mother about the Raigoura's Awakening. After the symptoms, the Awakening of the Raigoura, they grow large and elegant angel wings from their backs that will result blood and bleeding from the newly grown large wings. The color of the wings varies. The Awakening will have a humongous magic aura blast which will make everything fly and damaging the ground. The Awakened Raigoura will scream in pain and agony. Finally, they become Raigoura, after their awakening. All Raigouras most go through it. Raigouras are still considered 'monsters' from humans and khyrains.

Raigoura characteristics

Human form- Raigouras in their human form are like any other average human. Even they’re eyes, but, when they are mad or when to change into anthromorphic fox form. Their eyes will shift fox-like and glow they will also grow fangs. In human form, they even have fast regeneration, superhuman strength, and strong sense of smell, keen hearing, and superhuman speed.

Anthromorphic Fox form (Fox Khyrain): Raigouras in this form is there half true form. Like any other Khyrain race, their fox Khyrain forms have superhuman strength, strong sense of smell, keen hearing, fast agility, superhuman speed, and rapid regeneration. The only thing you can tell apart from other Fox Khyrain is that they have unusual markings on their fur faces. Weird black shapes or lines on their muzzles or near their eyes.

Raigoura Form (True Form, count as their Fox Khyrain form now): This form is a like their Fox Khyrain form but with angel wings. Their wings have different unique colors and traits. The angels wings are mostly black, gray, white with black tips, red, green, violet, blue, dark blue, aquamarine, and teal. Raigouras are very powerful in their true form. They have increased superhuman strength and speed, keen sense of smell and hearing, rapid regeneration, offensive to defensive magic, and angel powers that can destroy a town in one hit or destroy a mountain. They are very dangerous in this form. They also need blood as part of their everyday diets. They can drink blood from humans and khyrains, even animals. Which they are very vampire-like, they love the night more than the daylight. Raigouras are great allies with Vampires. Raigouras can hide their large angels wings magically or physically. They need to hide in public in either of two forms: Human and Fox Khyrain without angel wings. Be careful when you talk to them, when they are alone.