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RJ is a fur that has enjoyed anthropomorphic animals before he found a name for it. His first encounter with furries was by going into a chat room through a P2P client known as WinMX in 2003. Born October 25th, 1985, he currently lives in Queens, New York City, United States.


RJ is a grey wolf with white fur that extends from underneath his chin and ends at the crotch line and underside of the tail. RJ has no specific markings, he wears blue jeans and a tee shirt.


RJ's Main interest is his boyfriend Plas.He is also interested in technology, knives, heavy metal genre of music and meeting furs local to his area.


RJ has been to FurFright 2004, Anthrocon 2005, FurFright 2005, Mephit Furmeet 10, FurFright 2006, FurFright 2007 and FurFright 2008.

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