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RJ Otta is the fursona of Joshua. He loves to hike, enjoy the outdoors, play videogames, and just in general have fun. He is not the best at socializing but he always tries to make a friend here and there. Surviving school has been his biggest challenge... so far.

Real Life[edit]

Joshua or preferably just Josh is a fifteen year old in Maryland, USA. He has been attempting to perfect his drawing style and is planning to post relatively short comics based on his life and experiences (all show with his fursona). These comics will be sporadicly posted and will not follow any sort of schedule. He is fairly nerdy and enjoys a good laugh. He attends a private school which is attended by quite close-minded class-mates and is not sensibly able to express his following of the fandom for fear of being ostracized by his fellow class-men and teachers. He does enjoy a good chat and will happily chat with anyone that wants to.

Contact Information

RJ_Otta on PSN

Wilsonrost on skype

Wilsonrost on FA