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RIPP Rabbit (aka: Trev Kell) is one of the regulars at LOLFurries. He is the self-proclaimed "Over-Champion of the Carnal Thirsting that is Lust", as well as a smart-ass with little tolerance for 95+% of the furry fandom. His trademark quote, "Fucking furry faggotry", has aided in his getting banned from multiple furry forums, inluding Furry-Furry and FurAffinity, as well as earning him a permanent ban from Furcadia.

RIPP is an acronym for "Reality is Purely Perspective". This describes his outlook on life, and hints at the fact that he is incredibly philosophical.

RIPP is represented by an anthropomorphic jackrabbit, with albino attributes. Trev, himself, is not albino, however.