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Hello, there!

I'm your friendly neighborhood crazy Swede, known in the community as Alexandra Herakai or quoting_mungo. I deal in fiction-writing, drawing, and comics; I went to Sequential Arts school for a year, though am currently studying Programming. Aside from furry fandom I also spend a ridiculous amount of time playing World of Warcraft.

I am also the founder/administrator of WikiLurv.

Feel free to say hello on my Talk page! (Though I don't guarantee that I'll get back to you very promptly. My presence on WikiFur is admittedly sporadic enough I don't always notice my login lapsing.)

My Work[edit]

I draw both human, anthropomorphic and full animal subjects, and try to maintain a decent pair of binders with furry prints for conventions (found in the 'Prints' folder in my VCL gallery), many of them featuring characters from Paladins' Haven. Most of my art is drawn and inked on cardstock and hand-colored using Copic Sketch markers, but every now and then I will sit down and computer-color a piece instead.

Convention Habits[edit]

I enjoy Midwest FurFest, but it's been something of a battle each year that I've gone, both money- and timewise. In addition, I have been considering Eurofurence, but that keeps getting put off. With some luck I'll be back overseas for MFF 2010.

You may have seen me around at MFF in 2003, 2004, 2005 or 2007, or possibly at AnimeIowa 2003... If that's your thing.

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