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Fox, is best known for her role on skunk fu she is very caring, persuasive, and knows how to take care of herself! she's said to be around the age of 19 she very skilled in fan-fan and martial arts although her fighting style is very feminie that's what makes her graceful hey that's the best thing about being a girl right? Fox is the leading lady of the show and seems to be like a older sister who watches out and cares for skunk and tries to keep him above the influence of rabbit( who so obvisly has a crush on her) It's kind of noticable that fox likes rabbit but sometimes she feels like he acts like a jock (most of the time). in her dominat and persistent goal to fight dragon fox was also raised as an arophan due to her father who was killed by dragon it was a sign to show the valley animals what would happen if they lost the battle it's also not quite sure it hasn't been explained yet the where abouts of her mother. Fox seems like the perfect role model to little girls and teens to meshe has a positive attitude and she's not afraid towink her eyes once in a while.