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Posting from the United Kingdom. Can be found on Redwall MUCK, Steamcraft MUCK, and as a rather non furry human on Marvel Destinies. Used to be found on Bleaker too.

Redwall is my most prominent hangout and I could be anyone of a number of characters. Just a few favourites and most often used are listed below:

Quandary - A vole - Neutral.

Sabre - A vixen - Good.

Morrigan - A bat - Complicated/Mostly Evil.

Claviger - A squirrel - Neutral/Evil..ish.

Ardluca - An owl - Mostly Good.

Skuld - A cat - Good.

Liv - A rabbit - Good.'

Nightfall - A rat - Neutral.

Daxia - A frog - Evil.'

And a few more, who I shall keep under wraps for now...

On Steamcraft, my presence is much more limited to, currently just one character.

Morri - Tehalese human - Good/neutral.

And another human is played upon Marvel Destinies.

Kate - Human - Good.

On Bleaker, I had just one character who was lost in a reset. I played Zaresh there.