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Pyrewerepyre AKA Pyre Moonshadow is a red winged demon fox. He has some other fursona's aswell. His other character Davos Moonshadow who is playing in

Dog of Heaven's story Living Fountain who is a demon egyptian pharaoh. Although davos and pyre look like each othere there way different in character and behavier. the werepyre came from the game battleon as he found the creature interesting by name and as for pyre, it came from pyro since he liked fire so much. At first he didnt really know how his character would look like. Although his main fursona is pyre, the one before was called amadeo. from there he changed into pyre. Davos is pyre's alter ego. He was created from pyre's big interest in the egyptian history. He always wondered how it was in those times and so davos was created, a demon pharaoh who rules his own kingdom.

See the article about Pyrewerepyre. WikiFur User

How he became a furry[edit]

As he searched on google he found a picture of a furry and tried out the website the picture came from. From that website he started to look at the artwork artists had made there. From there he found other websites, he joined in on rps and looked for links to other sites and eventually made a account on Furaffinity.


Pyre also put up a account on Furaffinity thats called Nlfurs where all furs out of holland aka the Netherlands can call in and be added to the list thats already over 100 dutch furs.