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Purrsia Press is an American independent publisher, specializing in mini-comics and graphic novels. Their titles are primarly ones with an anime/manga theme. However, they also have several anthropomorphic comics.

Purrsia, the genie catgirl. Art by Jon Barrett.
Purrsia is their flagship title. In it, the cat goddess Purrsia was transformed into a genie thousands of years ago, and released in modern day by an anime fan named Dean. She now has to serve him as his genie, although her powers have slightly diminished over the centuries. Purrsia also periodically turns into a small cat whenever anyone accept her master sees her. She has fallen for Dean in a big way, and is trying to win his affections away from another girl. Purrsia is also featured in another comic titled Gaijin Hi where she is remade as a Martian princess named Pura Pura who is attending school on Earth.

Rabina & Perry. Art by Natalie Prayor.
Another character from Gaijin Hi is Rabina, a bunnygirl from her own comic. In Gaijin Hi, Rabina is Rabinella, a vampire bunnygirl from Transylvania who comes to America to find her perfect genetic mate to breed with. Rabina in her original story however is a demi-goddess and the daughter of a rabbit god. She has special telekenetic powers, plus knows alot of ancient illusions. After being trapped in a crystal ball for thousands of years, she is released by a young man named Perry who she accepts as her true love. The two of them go into show business together as professional magicians. This comic is included in a special bunnygirl anthology called Bunny Babes. Also included in Bunny Babes are selections of the British comic Boiled Spoons which regularly features a species called "bunni" which are anime bunnygirls in traditional Playboy bunny outfits. There are also pinups by Tani Person and Taral Wayne.

Aztec Anthropomorphic Amazons. Art by Kurt Wilcken.
Boiled Spoons is also shown in another Purrsia Press anthology titled Catgirls Galore. This is similar to Bunny Babes, accept that all the stories in it are catgirl-themed. One of which is a reprint of Kurt Wilcken's 90s one-shot, Aztec Anthropomorphic Amazons about jungle catgirls, as well as a short story of the amazons Boo & Bastis. Other material included is Earn Your Wings where two catgirls try to become full angels, plus Neko-chan's Tiny World about a catgirl brought to life via a Weird Science-motif and now lives with her human creators. There's also a bonus chapter of Foxy's comic, The Life Of Nikuya where an alien catgirl gets stranded on Earth.

Kitty Honey. Art by Aimi Tokutake.
Catgirl Crusaders is a spinoff to Catgirls Galore, but all the stories in this series are about feline superheroes. The main one is Kitty Honey about a normal girl who is transformed into a catgirl from a broken Egyptian artifact, and now fights crime as well as attends anime cons as a celebrity. Another comic featured is Kinetic Kitty taking place in an anthropomorphic universe where a superhero catgirl that uses kinetic energy to battle villains. There are also extra chapters of Boiled Spoons, as well as Game Over where a video game catgirl fights evil ninjas, and a spinoff comic to Senshi Vs. Sentai featuring the catgirls Sushi Breakfast and Nurse Myu.

Catboy @ The Con, by Kenneth Siefring
Catboy At The Con by Kenneth Siefring is another of Purrsia Press' titles which is centered around a male feline character named Trades. He's an everyday otaku, who also happens to a catboy. He regularly goes from one anime con to another, and is constantly being victimized by hordes of fangirls who keep forcing him to do yaoi fanfilms. While trying to dodge them, Trades also does a webcomic with his partner Carl, that's most of why he even bothers going to cons at all. However, on one fateful trip he encounters the cute cosplayer Jedda. After narrowly surviving another fangirl mob, Trades and Jedda start a little relationship. Not that Trades' talking cat brother Hours, or the nosey ghost girl Sara are helping things go any smoother.

The Collar is one of Purrsia Press' horror titles involving a stolen collar which transforms its wearer into a feral catgirl. Pet store owner Staci inadvertantly puts it own, and becomes the living reincarnation of an ancient cat goddess. The collar itself is being hunted down by a secret orginization run by a shifty werewolf called Lycanthro and his clan. He is looking for the collar for some reason, but Staci must use her newfound powers to protect herself and discover the secrets of the collar.

Starfurz, by Sailor Anna
Purrsia Press' main furry comic is Starfurz, by Sailor Anna who created Rayne. Set in an anthropomorphic universe, the skunkgirl Samantha is drafted into a miltary troop of female space soldiers. After nearly getting killed on the trip to her orbiting station, she realizes that her wacky teammates just might be the death of her. Her first assignment is defending a group of rebels on a hostile planet. If she can survive that, there's still her lesbian roomie, the team's kamikaze pilot, and her commander with the Sailor Moon fetish.

Purrsia Press is looking for more artists in the field of anthro comics and art. They also host an annual event called Free Furry Comic Day which is open to all furry artists. Purrsia Press also distributes through Kitsune Comics, an online comics dealer.