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Hi all,

I'm Psygonis, creator of the world of the 44th Wind Sword, a team of pilots flying in their ships through the planets of the Lylat system, the place where happens the Starfox series.

All began in May 2004, when I registered on the french site A topic called "Create your own Starfox" made me initiate this project which kept my drawing and writing since that day.

I've passed co-admin of the forum and co-webmaster of the website in January 2005 and left it in April 2006. Nowadays, I focus on rewriting the original text (in french first and translate it in english after), to go on drawing the characters I've created and so on...

I hope you'll like my work, as an author as much as a drawer.

I'm also one of the Concept Artist of the Starfox fan-made video game project: Shadows of Lylat (