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Hello, I'm Prokadae Lotor Saminoca(not my real name of course, but I'd prefer not to hand that out willy nilly.), and this is a first person point-of-view user page. How original!

Anyway, yeah, without disclosing too much information, I've been known to come across as eccentric sometimes, but I do tend to try to keep my feet on the ground, because if my head gets ideas in it, it gets kinda scary sometimes. Case and point --> I'm an aspiring engineer, sci fi writer, and astrobiologist, and aside from my major 2 or 3 fursonas, my fursonas are ephemeral, at best. My favorite overall flavor is cookies and cream, my favorite writer...close competition between Arthur c. Clarke, Scott Westerfeld, and James Patterson. My favorite instrument is the korg m500 micro preset, my favorite movie is the Chronicles of Riddick("I'll kill you with my teacup." hahaha!), I dabble in latin(lectori salutem!), and I've got a bit of an envy problem sometimes. people I envy include freeman dyson, people with heterochromia, the entire country of great britain, and anyone who can play the guitar. I'm an umpteenth generation christian who believes in evolution(meaning i don't think it's happened in the past, but it could happen in the future) and if there were a degree in temporal mechanics, I'd probably have that. any kind of time travel sci fi is okay by me, especially doctor who. woo-who!

Soooo...that's me in a nutshell...k'bye! (over t' here!)