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Primal the Prowler[edit]

Born Peter Lack on July 14th 1988, Primal is, for the most part, quite new to the fur scene. Yet to attend a furcon or contribute anything substantial to the fandom, Primal himself could argue that, for the most part, he is a dredge to the society and should find some purpose within it.

Despite this, Primal can be seen wandering the Yiffstar Forum quite frequently, occasionally posting comments on furry art, or in topics of an amusing nature. He is also a regular of the Shadow of a Hedgehog (SoaH) Forums - a place he still visits despite his greatly-decreased interest in Sonic the Hedgehog.

Primal the Prowler being aided by Seiko Sieraseiga after being badly defeated in battle

Primal also plans to one day attend AnthroCon, EuroFurence and Further Confusion - however, his status as a student means that the funding for this is woefully inadequate.

Recent interests include woodworking, gaming (particularly FPS games such as Halo, Metroid Prime and Gears of War), writing poetry and sleeping.

Primal is often found to be role-playing as a Borg drone (named 2 of 7) as the leader of what he dubs 'the Furry Collective'.

Anthro Details[edit]

Dark grey fur, with cropped red hair, more recently seen to be cut in military-regulation style. However, it's not unusual to see Primal walking around with hair lengths ranging from short and cropped, to mid-back length. Primal isn't especially muscular - he could best be described as thin and lithe. However, working out (coupled with intense combat) has given Primal a well-defined body structure.

Primal's key defining features are his golden facial markings and red body markings, acquired from his time spent as a dragon during the Worlds Collide saga of his life (for more information, contact Primal to recieve a copy of Worlds Collide).

The abilities that Primal posesses are somewhat considered his trademarks - most notably, his ability to run at sub-sonic speeds, and his pyrokinesis (the ability to create and control fire with his mind). These abilities are generally only used as last resorts - Primal much prefers to use his weaponry before resorting to using his speed or pryokinesis.

General Information[edit]

Name: Peter 'Primal the Prowler' Lack

Age: 18

Species: Prowler

Height: 5'9"

The Furry Collective[edit]

When roleplaying as a Borg, Primal will often make references to what he calls 'the Furry Collective'.

The Furry Collective originally began as a small group within the role-playing community, with Primal as its founder (after being assimilated during a yiff). Members are added to the Collective through their own volition - no operatives of the Collective are assimilated without consent, and all operatives retain their free will.

The main purpose of the Collective is, as Primal describes it: "to better the Furry fandom through our own individual talent, working together under one banner". As such, the Collective was formed out of a percieved need for the fandom to work together, with all talents used in order to achieve a better working harmony between all parts.

Not unexpectedly, Primal's ideals have met with some criticism - some percieve the idea of a united fandom as unobtainable or ridiculous, while others find the idea attractive but too hard to achieve. Despite this, Primal is determined to make his dream of a more co-operative fandom a reality.