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Basic Info[edit]

Uzer Nolaski as his Catalon self.
  • Name: Uzer Nolaski
  • Age: 18 (IRL is older than sona)
  • Orientation: Pan-sexual (IRL is straight)
  • Height: 6'4
  • Weight: 172Lbs
  • Hair: Brown
  • Fur: White
  • Clothing: Silver armor and boots with undies underneath (when cross dressing as a femboi, he is wearing a silver tank-top, silver skirt, black fishnet leggings, and a bra and panties underneath)
  • Build: Toned
  • Personality: witty, cute, playful, flirty, intelligence (when he plans to use his 130 IQ. Usually for serious business)

Uzer's Background[edit]

Starts out as a normal human who gains spiritual abilities at paladin level because he was destined for something. Discovered a feline alien race that crashed in his backyard... actually only seen one. Was took to their planet (Ila Qla), and was on a quest (told by the visitor that brought Uzer over) to stop Sir Dogalot (the western swords expert demonic pitbull. His wife is a dalmatian named Madam Dogalot who acts like a female teenager who likes parties and fashion). Discovered that Doria Doe (shemale doe demoness) has them as hir minions to help take over the universe. Did I mention that the visitor that Uzer saw is a herm named KittyGirl? (shi is an ex royal catalon guard and after completing the quest, Uzer married KittyGirl, resulting Uzer acquiring the catalon form, and had a son named Luigi [Uzer was the bearer]).
Throughout is furry experience (since late August 2007), He met some nice, nurturing friends, and some judgmental, egomaniac haters while he makes accounts on art/chat sites. He has the hots for the shemales and herms and an attraction to the canine/lupine species (a tip for the "single and looking" furs). Where he fits in the fandom, He didn't think much for the Popufurs, nor does he act higher than those below his ranks. He only plans to treat the furs like they are his brothers. No one superior nor inferior to him (even if he does ass kissing because he likes someone so much). This is what Uzer thinks about popufurity and ranks.
Uzer Nolaski: Even if I wanted that much attention, popufurs are no different from other furs. Just have the talent to have attractive art. We are all different, but we are equals as well.

Cy Punkworth: His Law-Enforcing Alter Ego[edit]

Cy Punkworth. Fan parody character of Miles Edgeworth
When Uzer saw rumors of his friends (which by the way contain no decisive evidence) A spark from his favorite Ace Attorney character Miles Edgeworth gave him the insight to play his role in finding out the truth within the cases. So he makes a Cyberpunk Attorney alias to stop slander, rumors and other crimes.

Basic Info[edit]

  • Name: Cy Punkworth
  • Age: N/A
  • Height: 6'0
  • Weight: 240 Lbs
  • Personality: indifferent, cold, calculative, civil, classy, ruthless, persistent

The man behind the shifter[edit]

Just an aspie guy in Michigan who Skins UT 99/2004 models, mall shops, room renovates, and surfs about the net. He listens to Ambiscience in his sleep. He went to Computer Tech for 2 years learning A+ (core and operating system), C++, networking, HTML, computer troubleshoot, and desk help services. He got Straight As for a year in computer tech.

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