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Poprock Grey(Born 5/14/1987) is a fursuiter that just recently started coming out into the furdom. She is female by birth and is a cat-wolf hybrid. It took her a while to figure out her fursona. She has been a cat, possible fox, possible cat-fox hybrid, and then a possible combonation of many species.

While she is new to the furdom, she has been making cosplay costumes for a while and enjoyed working with fur for a Kouga costume from InuYasha. She hadn't heard of furries before she met a good friend Little Wolf. He explained a lot about them and she took on a fursona of herself. She didn't fully become one until she was told her friend Kith Kyuubic was a suiter and let her try on his suit. It was love at first wear.

Afterwards, she started making her own head and finished it relatively quickly. Although she was very unhappy with it, many people told her it was really good. She is currently working on an arctic fox full suit and then will probably start on her actual fursona.

She does take head commissions and they are very reasonably priced since she enjoys making them for the sake of creating and not for much profit. She is trying to find a way to incorperate animatronics into her heads.

She came to her fursona mix due to her fascination with the Eygptian culture and her love for wolves. Her fursona is not currently a sold thing and needs to be drawn out before creating a suit for it.