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This article is about the person; for the faery creature of Irish folklore, see Púca on Wikipedia.

Pooka Wolfunk is a furry from a small northern suburb of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. His fursona is a Wolfunk, a Wolf-Skunk hybrid. His fursona is a 6'2" striped skunk with caramel brown fur on white stripes. He has dirty white head fur, which is on the shaggy side and often covers his eyes. He has orange-brown eyes and a black nose, with a white diamond on the top of his muzzle. The wolfunk is on the fat side, at a minimum 450 pounds. He's a gay, gainer, and bit of a slob.

The man behind Pooka and D.W. is an engineer by trade, though his hobbies include: drawing/sketching, graphic design, photography, and writing. He has designed a logo for an Italian-French restaurant in Chicago and is a published journalist, currently working for an engineering media company. He has been active in the furdom since 2004 and a fur since 1999.

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