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Poofy gets her fix from decongestant inhalers.

Poofy Wolf is an absolute nut case. No argument there. She is some kind of wolfy-looking thing as the last name implies, however there are no wolfish qualities about her. Many claim she's just inbred. They might be right. She doesn't even howl. She honks like a goose. Creepiest fact about her... she only has sex with someone in a long-term relationship, in the missionary position. Weirdo.

Something Stolid This Way Comes...[edit]

Poof literally stumbled into the furry fandom in 2000 when perusing Elfwood and the VCL. Believing it was a pile of cartoon fans and enthusiasts, she did not realize that an endless pit of shame and torture headed her way.

Poof's very first fursona, Poofy Wolf was created one cold, stormy night in August. At the time, she was known only as "Poof Wolf"; the word "poof" was coined by her good friend Matt in reference to her afro-like hair and not sexuality as some may claim. Poof Wolf made her internet debut the sunny winter of 2001. The character was a blatant Johnny the Homicidal Manic rip off, but most seemed to keep their mouths shut about it. Time passed, and though her ties with JtHM and Jhonen Vasquez withered, few claimed her to be the "Jhonen Vasquez/Roman Dirge of the VCL". One being said in an image by Charmaine "Chair" Verhagen. (Image deleted, unfortunately.)

In late 2003, she was awarded the "Greatest Haggis Squabbler of Orange County, CA" but prior to that, internet romance spewed into the limelight. Through AIM and a furry meet in Huntington Beach, CA, Poofy Wolf met Darkfang Nightwolf, an avid Warhammer/WH40K player and black metal listener. Sparks flew, and they have been together ever since. Except for that one time when Poofy fell into the San Andreas Fault. Luckily the lost tribe of Mayans rescued her and her missing socks from 1992. Those government bastards promised her an award for finding the tribe, but did she get it? HELL NO. HELL. NO.

Currently she's in Shady Hills Mental Institution for overbreeding 215 cats and crying in front of a Trader Joe's grocery store at 2 AM.

Poofy's Mental Institution Release[edit]

Her release was not a formal one. On July 23, 2007 Poofy wiggled and squirmed her way pass guards (and conducted a few "favors" for them) and returned to the general public. Much ice cream was consumed and many toddlers went missing. She reunited with her eternal love, Darkfang Nightwolf where they made a pact with the devil and married the same day. Their honeymoon was quite disturbing, as described by a hotel room cleaner, "It sounded like a polar bear mutilating a puffin."

She KNOWS where that finger has been, mister...

Sheep go to Heaven, Poofies go to Hell[edit]

In early September the same year, Poofy was horrifically gunned down by the band of Mayans she found years earlier, claiming she stole their salvia. Well, of course she did, but the junk head never admitted it. And, as promised to Satan, her soul was his and she has become his minion. Nothing has changed, really. She can glide through walls and haunt the living in their dreams! If anything, this was an improvement for her. Hail Satan.

She lost the use of her genitalia though.


Mutant child of boredom turned demon. Thinks destruction is awesome.

Seriously, dude. What's this All About?[edit]

Poofy Wolf is the alias of Southern California dark/monster "artist" NaRo. She loves dark artwork. And monsters. Inspirations include artists Frank Kozik, Camille Rose Garcia, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Rockin' Jelly Bean, film maker Tim Burton, and folklore.

Currently she is collaborating with a few friends illustrating stories, comics, prints and shirts.


poofywolf@FurAffinity - Most Active

Poofy-Wolf@VCL - Irregularly updated, but contains old work