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♥Hello there, my name is Mimi, in rl and on imvu. I have to say, I'm not the ordinary kind of person, I'm slow, stubborn, and to some people "weird" and "annoying". I love furries, I think that they're the cutest things I've ever seen. So, I'm comming with all animal furs in pink. I have an obsession with pink, as you can see. So I'll show you my homepage with this teeny-weeny link...

click this I hope that you like it, and I'm sorry if I say anything stupid. I'm new to Wikifur. Just tell me what to do nicely and I will become a shining star. I might be a bit clumsy or click the wrong things, but everyoen makes mistakes. By the way, my sister in real life is Mikey, and I'm a big Hatsune Miku nd computer fan/geek. I love Hello-Kitty more than you could imagine. The HK fans you see now are nothing.♥