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Phoenix Koren[edit]

Phoenix Koren is the name of a character I am writing for an anime me and a friend are trying to produce. However, because he is a human, he is not adequate for a fursona; therefore, my fursona is Raiu Koren, Phoenix's half-brother who is an anthropomorphic jackal. In the story, he is knighted, hence, Sir Raiu, my nickname.

Furry History[edit]

I have been a "fur" since 2002, when I was absentmindedly drawing in my high school class and slowly realized that I really liked drawing anthropomorphic tigers in armor. Of course, having no idea what a "furry" was, I did not know why I liked drawing them so much, and had no idea that there was actually a fandom for things like that. I remember drawing some yiffy art (though I didn't know what yiffy meant back then) and really liked it, but I didn't think anyone else did. When I was carousing the internet one afternoon, I ran across a yiffy site by complete accident, and was overwhelmed. I couldn't believe other people actually liked this stuff, and soon discovered that an entire fandom actually existed for the appreciation of anthropomorphic animals.

I went for years without really getting into the fandom that much, because I was unsure what the whole thing was about. I researched a lot about the fandom and was very knowledgeable of it, but still had never actively engaged in the furry community, until February of 2008, when I attended Furry Weekend Atlanta because I had to do a sociology paper on some form of social deviance. Obviously knowing a lot about the furry fandom already, I decided to attend a convention and write a paper on my findings there. I can honestly say it was the most fun I had had in a very, very long time. Since then, I have become increasingly active in the furry community, and am now proud to say that I AM A FURRY.