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     PhoenixSpeed was a furry account created, originally, on the art website "DeviantArt" in February of 2013. His creator originally had the fursona to be a living, flying, metallic creature that could go faster than the speed of sound. In later months, he went from being that, to a white wolf with several different "abilities", as his creator calls it. The abilities he does have include telepathy, alchemy/transmutation, Taekwondo, and soul manipulation.
     As far as family goes, he has an ex-wife (deceased), two daughters (youngest deceased), a current wife, and a son. His ex wife was killed in Brazil when a group of Brazilian mafia furs broke into his house and killed his wife and second child. He attempted alchemy to regenerate his daughter, but it failed, which took his legs from the knee down on both. His other daughter was born a few months prior after a one-night stand with a hooker in a bar, also in Brazil. In the summer of 2013, Phoenix finally meets his official first daughter that he didn't even know about up to that point in time. Later in that time period, he meets his second wife, Yuzi Lee, after an accident occurred involving the two of them. In the summer of 2014, almost a year later, Phoenix and Yuzi's first pup together is born.
     To remain up-to-date with current events involving Phoenix/PhoenixSpeed, he is on both DeviantArt, and FurAffinity.