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Hey there!

See the article about Phoenix Sheppy. WikiFur User

I'm a Sysadmin college student, Developer, and Cuddly ball of floof. What's up?

I decided that I should keep this page different from that of my people page. And keep this a strictly To-do page.

If you're here for cookies, don't bother I don't have any. I'm a dog, not a web browser.

Check my website out @ And hit me up on Telegram!

List of things I want to do:

  • Attend GFM
  • Attend MFF
  • Get a Full Fursuit ⚠️ (Partial So Far!)
  • Perfect my website (Its never going to be perfect)
  • Graduate with my Degree in Systems Administration, and obtain several certifications.

Thanks for checking me out!


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