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Penny Ulysses WereSkunk or just "Penny WereSkunk" or (nickname)"Pen" is a furry artist who reside in the state of New York, USA. His fursona can be many characters, his main fursona is a genetically altered 5'10 1/2" skunk. Pennylution.jpg

His art style and subject are based around a futuristic Gothic, cyber related, anime like, and late 80s cartoons (think Ox Tales).

Five Years Exactly in the Future[edit]

This is the universe that Penny and other characters live in. It the kind of place similar to of Demolition Man meets Castlevania. The settings are dark but with a playful and cynical sometimes sarcastic comedic twist.

The Whole Roster


She is the main protagonist of the whole roster. She's a mad scientist taught by JR and lives in a large complex in Orlando Florida, United States.


Penny faced many endeavors throughout her life, starting when she was just a skunk kit. Abandoned and left to die in a February thunderstorm in front of a giant mansion in Upstate New York. She was later found, adopted, and taken in by John Rourke (JR). She was then apprentice by JR when she turned thirteen. They both did experiments and concocted new organisms until one of JR's secret experiments exploded right after Penny invented the Cheshire flower(think tiger lily, Venus fly trap, and jade vine hybrid). The explosion was a red beam of highly radioactive light, it changed both of them. JR in a flurry of rage kicked Penny out for good and disowning her. She was now back to square one but in the midst of her sorrow, one of JR's failed experiments Bulls Eye kept her company.

During her mid-high school years, she was bullied and tormented throughout Le Stripes High School all skunks school because of her color variation and other features (moving dreadlocks, solid black set of teeth, and wings). She had enough of that and decided to take matters in her own paws, she created the same experiment that caused the explosion and made a very hazardous elixir. She calls it "living nuclear fusion, fission, and biohazard". Her closes friend is Malcolm.

She drinks the liquid and in a Jekyll and Hyde buzz she changes into a green skunk. She terrorizes the bullies and gets her revenge.


(As picture above) she has three forms. Her normal or day form is fuchsia and violet with Byzantium hair color (pictured above on the left). Her Graver or night form is dark charcoal and cyan with royal blue inner wings as well as hair highlight also red spikes (center). Then her most uncontrollable chaos form.

Night Penni She is a lot more energetic true partier kind of person. She a little more wilder and extroverted than her normal phase. She changes to this for everyday at dusk, this is an involuntary change.

Chaos Pennie This is her most eviler darker "I-can-care-less" side. She is more vicious and cunning, she can conjure the dead and eliminate the living in being more ghostly. With in this form she has three more forms; Devistation (pictured above), Destruction, and Oblivion. She lies dormant inside of her inner subconscious. She is the main antagonist.

Pennington Fitzpatrick WereSkunk[edit]

He is the green skunk anti-hero of the roster. He was created by Penny.

Surf and Turf[edit]

Pennington was that skunk everyone at Le Stripes despised the most because of his lack of self-awareness and copious "skunking" that seems to be on epidemic levels, he tends to do it in the presents of others and laughs at their reactions with an almost sadistic jovial. He hangs out with Malcolm and sometimes Dogma and Mort. Due to him love being with people, he rarely is seen alone.

While flying around wingless he travels to beaches and surfs the waves, he even adopted the Aussie accented surfer linguistics. Surfing and flying aerobatics are his two main hobbies other than drawing.

Prized Possession[edit]

He has these scrunchies in his hair that are purple with bright orange polka-dots. He loves anything with a biohazard symbol on it and collects toxic waste barrels from a near by chemical plant. Toxic Truth Pennington actually can eat and live off things with high to deadly amounts of radiation or toxicity. It doesn't effect him at all, making him immune to anything. He loves himself a giant bean burrito any given time he gets.

John Rourke[edit]

JR he is the evil mad scientist anti-villain. He came up the schematic for what Pennington is. Early Days He worked for his father and president of Quantum Ore Refinery and Experimental Labs and Research. He is a multitrillionaire scientist, his mother being a CEO for Universal Weapons Corp.He designed and invented the best super soldier for the country: Bulls Eye. He was later fired from his services even thou he won a Nobel Peace prize for being the first one to create animate physical life. Serious Science He started doing more experiment at home, he got his materials from looting Quantum. His father was convicted to Hicksville Prison after autopsy from a previous wreck pointed that a pathogen cause her demise and JR's father had that it his house. Now out for blood he created a highly volatile virus that spread throughout the prison killing everyone who got infected by the infamous "Living Hell"contagion. JR wasn't finished there he wanted more by snuffing out his wife of two years. Body count 412 (411 inmates plus his wife).

Calm before the Storm The day he met little skunk kit Penny he was just finished the grave stone for his wife. He was astonished and surprised by the green eye ball-of-cute. He took her inside and got her comfortably in front of the fire place. He taught Penny everything he knew until her thirteenth year with him, the police were looking for him. He high tailed it for his lab quickly trying to concocted his latest experiment when a chemical back fired and bubbled over then explode into this giant red glow. He was knock unconscious from the first blast, second blast changed him.


He woke-up immediately with the rage that could scare a demon, he told Penny to leave and never vow returning or she will face death. The noise alerted the police and he was sedated and put into a van that read Hicksville Asylum for the Criminally Insane. While in the facility he adopted a new look, a Horace Pinker inmate style with the same bloody ripped up baby blue ferrox faced tie.

The Good from the Tarnished Even thou he has evil actions, he has donated to several research foundations for cures for cancer and volunteered as a foster pet owner. He might not be entirely alright but he isn't a total black heart.

About the Artist[edit]

He lives in New York City, United States. He started drawing at a young age, he didn't join a furry community site until 2009 when he was in his late teens.

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