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I am Pazyryk and I am great! Pazyryk also goes by Patryk Tyranus but most just call me Pat. I have been a part of the fan basis since 03 & so far I've been to one con at Oklacon. While attending college I have met other anthro enthusiasts and together we have formed the Underground Furry Alliance. Though there are just three members so far, there is potential for growth and have big intentions such as the Unification of the Fandom and the inevitable Revolution and overthrowing of the establishment through subversive actions and distribution of propaganda and the creation of the first Furry State. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

I hold the position of People’s Commissar, head of the Ministry of Agitprop and first political officer of the UFA, responsible for the creation and distribution of propaganda and public awareness.

I am also an artist. I am not the greatest of artist, but I try to make the best of it. I’ll take commissions for free if anyone wants to try my talent. I have interests in all things militaria, violence, things that explode, people that explode, blood spray/spatter, cheese, weapons and video games. If the Revolution thing doesn’t work out I plan on going to art school and being a concept artist for game developers. I mostly design weapons for FPS but I also do characters and vehicles. I’m also a pirate and enjoy wearing kilts.

Means of contact[edit]

• Email-

• MSN-

• AIM messenger- PatrykTheDespot

• Yahoo messenger- pazyryk-the-great


VCL My account on the VCL

Dracten A furry based Half Life 2 mod that I work with