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Paint, short for Painting, is the internet alias of one artist Brittany Love. Virtually unknown in the larger scope of the furry fandom, Brittany harbors a few fans on the popular furry-related game Furcadia. A successful port artist, she has managed to make some name for herself, and remains a familiar face among the furcadian art market. Brittany is the creator of the User:Paint/Chiawa, which is also the species of her fursona. She is unable to be very involved in Furry-related events as she lives on the fringes of the fandom, isolated from larger groups of furries, and a hundred fifty miles away from the nearest big city. As an attempt to better the eyes of the furry community in her own local community, she often shows a stand of furry art at local events. It is mildly succesful, and often invokes learning in the non-furries about the community, if not a great deal of heated debate.