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  • dances around like a retard* Woo! *looks up at his name then at you, pointing at it* I'z him!
    :D *grabs you and keeps dancing* I can't think of what to say, so feh! x3
    *trips over his feet and falls flat on the floor* v.v

I thought of something to say! :D
Well, I'm a fun guy to hang with generally, y'know? I'm a Grey Wolf living in the boring state of Florida. As a member of both the gay and the furry community, I am very proud of what I am. :D Well, as of a couple months ago anyways. Before I was all, "LOL WTF I ARE NAWT GAI LOLOL." I eventually told my parents that I've been gay since the 6th grade, and they didn't take it too well. They grounded me for about a week, having no contact with anyone anywhere and forbid me to use the computer at all. I was forced to remove all chat software from my computer, but I have eBuddy for that. ;)
I absolutely LOVE everything furry. I have a fetish for almost everything! :D Plushies, animals, exhibitionism, bdsm, leather, slave/master, incest, you name it! :D
I can be very immature for anybody, joking around and playing games and whatnot just for the hell of it. :D But I can also be much more calm and mature for anyone that needs me to be. I am very understanding, but I get too far ahead of myself sometimes, and I hate that. ._.
I likes reading, drawing, writing, music, anime, animals, yiffing, the yugioh tcg, going out, and other stuffs. :)
Well, now I can't think of anything, so if you want you could just add me to msn and we could talk there. ^^
^That's my MSN, lol. Add mez! :D