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Octan is a popular popular chain of fueling stations in Legoland. It name is the French word for octane, the chemical compound that gives gasoline its potency as a fuel. Though the labels on the pumps are too small to be read by humans, it is speculated that Octan stations sell Shell brand gasoline, as Shell stations in Legoland were phased out when Octan stations began being built.

It also happens to be my username. ^^

Incidentally, "Octan" or some variant thereof, is my username in many places on the Web, including two other wikis, the Wikipedia and the Homestar Runner Wiki. I can be found on a few Furry-related forums -- Furtopia; Ozy and Millie's fan site, Define "Cynical"; and Furry Teens. I also write a non-furry comic strip called Podunk U, updated weekly except when it isn't. ;D And...uh...I have a Fur Affinity account: [1]. Check it out.

In conclusion, I look good in orange. (Tail dance, tail daaaance... ^^)