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Nubarq is an artist of the fur fandom. His works are ranged from the innocent to the very mature. He is known as Nubar but is found as Nubarq at and many other Fur related sites. He will take requests for commissions here He will take them and apply them as soon as possible. The range of worth is determined by you the commission requester. There is no art that he wont draw, request anything. All proceeds are donated to the Fursuits for Furs act. The act itself is a creation of his own, he will make suits and give them away to people much like you. The money he collects with his art goes directly back to the people who exist in the fandom.

As of Dec 01, 2009 this service starts. The actual day of the suit donations is to be posted here And commissions can be given at any moment, the creation of such work is delayed until Dec 01, 2009, full price is still requested from the commissioning person. Time is no object for this artists work, rushing must have a very good reason to hold back on full payment. Time is no object guarantee, full price at day of finished artwork. Better services can be given to those who will attend the large fur gatherings, transactions being made there.

Nubar also will be Creating multiple comics one he has been developing for 6 years to this day Jan 14, 2009 and the other was a clever idea to explain the fandom as it is. The fandom comic will be known as F.A.C.T. and be posted only on FurAffinity, since its name is abbreviated for Fur Affinity Community Topics. Topics may be chosen directly by the administrators and those of FurAffinity. Both comics are to be started as soon as Dec 01, 2009 , and no sooner.

This artist works alone and delivers on his promises. All art commissions can be requested and subject matter doesn't matter. Comics will arrive at a set date determined in the future, and the same goes for the fursuits depending on intrest of commissioning furs.