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NorthernWind (North or NW for short(Of no relation to the other Wolf Named 'North')) I'm an Arctic wolf,although I'm bluntly italian.I'm a Huge Role-player, Gun nut, Historian,vodka lover,gamer,Phillospher,and fantasy writer,of which I draw my inspiration from D&D. I also am a Huge Airsoft player, I use a single shot M14, I am considered to have an 'interesting' music taste. Which is a mix of Bach,Mozart,system of a down,Disturbed and Durade.

North Stands at 5'9" He is of average build,what he lacks in muscle he makes up in skill. He is built to be quick and agile,even in full combat outfit. He is all white fur,with the exclusion of his chin,which is tinted grey,giving the appearance of a goatee. His fur is long for even an arctic wolf. He has Yellow-green eyes.Under his fur He is rather slinky,which is used in the previously mentioned agility.He is considered laid back,loyal, and slightly nuts. Notebly,his skill in quick drawing and aiming with both small arms and rifles is remarkable.