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Noctem is a fur local in tulsa, oklahoma. His main fursonas are that of a bat, a silver or white dragon, a weasel, and a coyote though he has others. He also describes himself as not only a fur but a "were" simultaneously. Noctem only recently has been more open within the fur scene and beforehand was difficult to get to know; this was due to the mass amount of usernames he had gone by previously. Noctem is a writer, an artist, and a musician. His current stories are in progress and have been for some time due to delay of working on them. He expects most of his new work to be done by February of 2009.

Occult Life He also professes in occult arts such as ritual magick, meditation, demonology and satanism. Among his abilities he claims to be able to heal or inflict physical pain, absorb psychic energies, shape-shift spiritually, have meteokinetic abilities, strong manifestation, and he is said to be telepathic BUT cannot constantly speak using his mind though he says he's done it once. If that weren't enough this fur claims he can also know what someone is thinking before they even think to say it. Noctem may have other abilities as well but he does not mention them simply because they "Aren't as interesting." Whether or not his abilities are genuine is up for speculation of course and he accepts any criticism or doubt he faces consistently. Who knows maybe he's a bat out of hell, maybe just a nice guy who's a little crazy and playing pretend. Or maybe he's just a bat (or dragon or whatever) into some less known subjects and will surprise a few furs one day with something "unexplained". Whatever the real answer is Noctem is a good guy and loves meeting new furs.

Other facts about Noctem

He was born on September 23rd, 1990 (This is a traditional magick holiday in groups from pagan to satanic. The fall equinox.)

He chose his name from a phrase he kept hearing often which was "Carpe Noctem". Though he says that for a while he didn't even know what the phrase meant but he liked it and eventually would end up choosing Noctem as his bat fursona's name which means "Night".